ALSA Wellbeing Week 2015

alsa wellbeing week 2015
Did you know that one in three law students and legal professionals in Australia will suffer some form of psychological distress in their lifetime?

The Deakin Law Students’ Society Geelong is pleased to be participating in the Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA)‘s Wellbeing Week for 2015. ALSA wishes to challenge the stigma attached to mental ill-health in the law, promote a broader and honest conversation on this topic and encourage law students and lawyers to be proactive about their mental health and wellbeing. You can visit the ALSA event page for running updates on their initiatives and resources throughout this week, and follow our social media feeds for further informative posts.

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Applications still open for India Law Study Tour – Get in quick!

Attention Waterfront Law Students! There are still places available on the Deakin Law School‘s Indian Law Program which is due to take place at Symbiosis University – Pune in December 2015.

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Clerkship & Traineeship Handbook

Check out Todd Bromwich’s Handbook giving you the ins and outs of Seasonal Clerkship applications!!

Seasonal clerkship programs generally available only to penultimate or final year law students and are used by firms to assess potential trainees. Clerks will typically be placed within one practice area of the firm and given a wide range of tasks, so that the firm may assess their competency and approach towards work. Firms also place great importance upon whether or not the clerk is a good cultural fit. This refers to your attitude, personality and work ethic and whether these match the characteristics the firm desires.

ALSA Wellbeing Guide 2015

In light of the staggeringly high incidence of mental health problems within the legal profession, the Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) Wellbeing Guide is intended to provide students with some practical, holistic and achievable ways of taking care of their health and wellbeing.

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Life in Law School: According to Harry Potter Gifs

In anticipation of the SOLD OUT DETS/DLSS Harry Potter Trivia Night this week at Elephant & Castle, the team here at the Deakin Law Students’ Society Geelong proudly present Harry Potter gifs that perfectly sum up the average life of a Deakin Law Student.

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