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Trimester 1 2019 

Trimester 2 2019 


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Section four of the Code of Conduct



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  • Teams of 2
    • If you don’t have a partner, message Abbie at and we will endeavour to match you up with another student)
  • Open to participation from law students in their second year and above.
    • Don’t worry first years, you’ve got your own deals competition coming up soon!!
  • Preparation Level: Low
  • Business Attire ESSENTIAL
  • Please be flexible with your heat availability



Mediation has failed! You and your associate must advocate for your client.

Competitors will be provided with an initial outline of the facts, as well as a set of confidential instructions from their respective clients that the other party is not made aware of.

Negotiation is an alternative dispute resolution process which requires opposing teams of lawyers to represent their clients in the hopes of achieving an acceptable settlement for both parties and hence avoiding any need to involve the courts.

You don’t need to have detailed knowledge of the law for this competition; all the essential facts are provided in pre-competition material.

The judge will be looking at your ability to remain clam under pressure and your bargaining skills.A good negotiator knows when to stand their ground but also when to concede in favour of making progress towards an ultimately greater outcome.

Hot Tip: Don’t lose your cool! Losing control of the situation and being overly aggressive will ultimately lead to a stalemate. 



Registrations Close: May 5th 2019 @ 5pm

Heats Begin: May 7th 2019

Heats End: TBA

Final: May 21st 2019 (Melbourne)


Check out the Australian Law student Society’s page:

If you have any questions or queries about this competition, email Abbie at