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Trimester 1 2020 

Trimester 2 2020 

  • Legal Innovation Proposals (NEW)
  • Junior Moot
  • Witness Examination
  • First Year Negotiations
  • Social Justice Moot

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Section four of the Code of Conduct

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Competitions 2020 (5)


  • Teams of two
  • If you don’t have a partner but still want to compete, email the comps team and we will try to match you up with someone!
  • Preparation level- low
  • Business attire required
  • Please be flexible with your heat availability!
    • Although this competition will be held via the Zoom platform, still provide me with your heat availability.
      • Available heats:
        • May 14
        • May 15
        • May 16

Check out the Australian Law Student Society’s page:

As the name suggests, each team of two are required to interview a client. It is key to obtain as much information as you can from the client. Each team will be provided with 20 mins to conduct this interview.

Most of the time, client will deliberately leave out some key information and provide irrelevant facts. You are required to formulate your questions in order to obtain all the relevant facts.

You don’t need to have detailed knowledge of the law for this competition; all the essential facts are provided in pre-competition material.

The judge will be looking at your ability to think on your feet and obtain all the relevant details from the client.

Due to the uncertain times that we are in, all stages of the competition will be held via Zoom. All information for this new online competition format will be provided to competitors prior to the competition.

Please be patient with us and contact Daphne at if you have any question.


Registrations Open: May 6th 11am

Registrations Close: May 11th 10am

Heats: May 14 – May 16

Final: Week 10

If you have any questions or queries about this competition, email Daphne at