LIV Young Lawyers

What is it all about?

LIV stands for the Law Institute of Victoria and it is a useful body to anyone who seeks to pursue, or is already engaging in, a legal career.

Why become a LIV Young Lawyers member?

The program is a way great way to show initiative and really boost your self confidence, help build your profile, and expand your social networks.

It can assist you to improve your skills, knowledge and professional network with regard to members in the legal field. The program runs a whole range of events, so have a read up, clear your schedule, and put your name out there!

The program will also aim to keep you on track for anything and everything that will assist you and your legal career. For example, read up about Seasonal Clerkship and Traineeship Guidelines, where you will find all your critical dates, relevant firms, tips on how to prepare, etc.


Who can become an LIV Young Lawyers member?

The LIV young Lawyers program is free to join if you are a law student. So, you’ve got nothing to lose!

How can I sign up?

Click this link, fill in your details, and wait until your application has been approved. That simple!

Want to find out more?

Check out the Young Lawyers Journal the Young Lawyers Blog for some relatable perspectives to make you feel at ease during your legal journey.