How to Get Involved

Casual Vacancy – Marketing Officer

Interested in being apart of the DLSS Geelong? Application for Casual Vacancies in the 2018 DLSS Committee may open during the year. So, watch this space!

  • We are currently looking for a Marketing and Publications Officer

FB Casual Vacancies

Being part of the DLSS is an opportunity to get involved in one of the biggest societies at Deakin Geelong. Not only that, it can boost your resume, help you meet new people, and teach you plenty of new skills!

Check out our Law students’ Pocket Guide to see what each portfolio gets up to. Alternatively, take a look at the blog posts we did before our AGM reviewing each portfolio’s work last year. Formal position descriptions can also be found in our By-Laws.

What is the role of the Marketing Portfolio?

The role of Marketing is to create graphics and social media copy to be posted across our social media platforms, and also upkeep of the DLSS Geelong website. We work with other portfolios to design adverts for their upcoming events and collaborate on blog posts, and annual advice guides. We also make sure that at special events we are live posting to our accounts, so people can follow what’s happening if they were unable to come, as we want everyone to feel a part of the DLSS Geelong experience!

Why should other people apply for this Portfolio?

It’s a great portfolio because it works with all the others and you get to work on many different tasks. Marketing have a high level of engagement within the committee as we need to be easily accessible when things arise, like a Facebook post needing to go live or an event page being made.

If you think you’re savvy with social media, and have a desire to be more involved during your time at uni, this would be a great portfolio to apply for!

There are a few requirements though – if selected, committee members are expected to attend the majority of meetings (usually held fortnightly throughout terms in Geelong), attend DLSS Geelong events, and engage with our social media channels!

What’s the difference between being a VP or an Officer, you ask? Well, in short, the VP is the head of each portfolio and is responsible for managing incoming requests and delegating the workload between themselves and their officers. Both positions require a commitment to completing work to deadlines, sometimes during busy periods of the term, so time management skills and a genuine interest in working with the DLSS Geelong is a must!

What you get out of it:

  • Join a team of enthusiastic law students
  • Make new friends
  • An impressive addition to your CV (Volunteering for a society)
  • New skills
  • You get to give back to your fellow law students

Application process:

Include the following details (in up to 200 words) and email your application by Friday May 25

  • Your name and year level?
  • Why do you want to be involved with DLSS Geelong?
  • Why would you be a great addition to the Marketing Portfolio?

Good luck and thank you for applying!