Competitions Guide and Other Resources

Welcome to the Deakin Law Students’ Society Competitions Resources Centre. We hope that, in particular, you find the brand Competitions Guide both helpful and inspiring as you consider which legal competitions to enter over the forthcoming academic year.

The Competitions Guide

Click here to download the Competitions Guide 2015

Comps Guide

Competitions are awesome. They help us to master critical practical skills which are of benefit far beyond merely helping us to get a job when we graduate. Mooting hones research skills, helping us to get better results in all our other law units. The Paper and Oral helps you develop your public speaking skills which are of value in almost any part-time job you could think of, as are the confidence and tact practised through the Mediation comp. Participating in law competitions provides immediate benefits to competitors and is of much more value than merely as a resume-stuffer.

The job market for law graduates is pretty messed up – there is simply no sugar-coating it. Some top-tier firms were getting around 1800 applicants for about 70 clerkship slots this year, with maybe half that many graduate positions available at the end of that process. Next year will see Swinburne’s first intake into their newly minted law school adding to the ever increasing output of law students into an already saturated job market. Competition for graduate positions in legal practice is beyond cut-throat. And while this is a reality we all need to be prepared for it should serve not to depress us but to inspire us. For those of us hoping to practice upon graduation now is the time to be working at bettering our skills to set ourselves apart from the field and guess what? Law school competitions are one of the absolute best ways to do this!

Participation in competitions can help to make your resume stand out when it comes to applying for clerkships and graduate positions.

Employers understand what participating in these events represents and, win or lose, merely listing your participation shows an elevated level of engagement and willingness to do more than the absolute minimum required by your degree – both desirable characteristics in a job applicant. On a resume they act as both an attention getter and a conversation starter and if nothing else the reality that the next guy has participation in competitions to his name really means you need to as well just to be competitive!

Also worth noting are the changes to the Deakin Law degree affecting all students who enrolled from 2013 onwards. Legal Problem Solving and Persuasion (MLL411) is a compulsory unit whereupon you will be marked on a client interview, a negotiation and a moot. Why not prepare yourself for this subject by competing in the free and incredibly fun competitions run by the DLSS? These comps are now direct practice for a graded unit and for the small amount of effort it takes to participate we can almost guarantee that you will enjoy a substantial increase in your level of success in this practical capstone unit.

We warmly encourage you to jump in on all the competitions this year and to have a great time in doing so. Remember it’s not about whether you win or lose, but all the skills and benefits you will pick up along the way!

Feel free to contact the team at if you have any questions!

YouTube Tutorials

In 2014 the DLSS Geelong committee developed a series of tutorial videos to assist students in preparing for academic competitions. Competitions covered include the Deakin Moot, Deals, Client Interview and Witness Examination. You can access these resources by clicking here! 

Junior Moot Seminar 2015

On the 19th March 2015 our reigning Deakin Moot champions, Jason Allen and Rhys Chalmers, presented a seminar to Junior Moot competitors in anticipation of their forthcoming heats. For those who could not attend, we released a copy of the seminar slideshow available for download.

Slideshow Download: Click here to download the Junior Moot Slideshow Presentation 2015

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