The Careers portfolio aims to provide Deakin law students from all year levels with events, information and opportunities that will help them to advance their legal career.

We are committed to ensuring that Geelong students have equal access to Careers events across all Deakin campuses as well as catering for the needs of local Waterfront students.

DLSS Geelong hosts seminars and information sessions with industry  partners such as the Leo Cussen Centre for Law, the Law Institute of Victoria and Harwood Andrews. These events focus on a wide range  of career-related issues, including interview preparation, workplace  etiquette and resume building. We also aim to launch a new event tailored for alternative career pathways – emphasising the diverse opportunities offered in the legal profession and beyond. A wide range of firm and industry representatives attend our Annual Careers Dinner here in Geelong, providing Waterfront students with the opportunity to network and gain career opportunities without commuting to Melbourne. Our Regional Careers Guide will also provide further information about clerkship applications and more!

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