What’s on for the remainder of Tri 2!?

By Lauren Solomonson

If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page lately, you’ll have been missing all of the exciting events we have coming up before the end of the Trimester!

What’s on?

Once we’re all back from the mid-Tri break, the DLSS Geelong Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday the 22nd of August at 5:30pm in room D2.194! This is open to all, but only paid members receive voting rights. For more information on how to run for a position on the 2019 DLSS Geelong committee at the AGM, please visit https://dlssgeelong.wordpress.com/annual-general-meeting-2018/. Applications close August 17th at 11:59pm.

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The following week on Wednesday the 29th of August at 6:30pm in the Western Beach Room at the Waterfront Campus we are hosting the First Year Negotiation final against Burwood’s competitiors! This event is sponsored by Harwood Andrews, so it’s a great opportunity particularly for those wanting to work in the Geelong region, or in particular get a clerkship at Harwood Andrews, to meet some of their staff and network following the competition final.


Later that week on Friday the 31st of August, we are super excited to be hosting the Honorable Michael Kirby AC CGM at the Waterfront campus for a guest lecture and luncheon!  The lecture is open to all, you don’t have to be a law students. The Social Justice Luncheon is a more intimate affair providing students who have a particular interest in social justice topics the opportunity to talk with like-minded students and professionals, including The Hon Michael Kirby, and representatives from Slater & Gordon, Harwood Andrews, Coulter Roache.

FB event page covers

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Across the 5th and 6th of September, Deakin Law School are hosting the heats, semi-finals and grand final of the Alfred Deakin ICA Moot. This competition is focused on international commercial law and arbitration. Arbitration is the business community’s preference for resolving international commercial disputes and legal practitioners who are skilled in this area are highly sought-after. Participants will be required to seek resolution to a fictitious problem in a simulated courtroom setting.


Join DLSS Geelong and Coulter Roache on Monday the 17th of September between 12-2pm in the Western Beach Room to hear from a fantastic panel of lawyers about what it takes to cut it in the profession, with a particular focus on mental health, overcoming adversity and career progression. We will also be joined by one of Deakin’s professional psychologists, Nicole Pluim, and representatives from regional support networks. More details will be released in the coming weeks!

5992_Coulter Roache logo - blue background

We’re also partnering with Coulter Roache this Trimester to bring you the inaugural inter-varsity Social Justice Moot! Heats will be held in weeks 9 and 10, with the final being held in Geelong on the 20th of September 2018 (location and time TBD). This is a wonderful opportunity to flex your mooting muscles in a topical area of law (think Human Rights law, workplace disputes such as unfair dismissals, LGTBQI+ rights and more), and compete against the best from other Victorian Universities. The top-scored Deakin team will take on the top-scored external University!

Following the final of the Social Justice Moot on the 20th of September, let your hair down and enjoy a few cheap bevs with the DLSS Geelong team at Piano Bar! There’ll be live music, and we’ve secured our own private room so you can unashamedly bust a move with your mates!!!


To round out the Trimester, we are hosting an ‘End of Year Picnic’ down at the Steampacket Gardens on Sunday the 30th of September! This event will see Law students of all ages bring their friends and family (children are more than welcome!) down to the Waterfront for games, light snacks (BYO) and some friendly frolicking with pets! Keep a look out on our Facebook page for more details closer to the date!

End of Term Picnic.jpg



2018 Harwood Andrews Hackathon

By Lauren Solomonson, DLSS Geelong President

NEW 2018 Hackathon Graphic

On Saturday August 4th, DLSS Geelong and Harwood Andrews co-hosted our second annual Hackathon at Deakin’s Waterfront campus.

Having had an informal networking event at the Harwood Andrews’ offices on the Friday night to introduce all student participants to each other and to the participating Harwood Andrews and Deakin staff, Saturday’s event was opened with a keynote address from Sophie Tversky, the Victorian president of The Legal Forecast.


There were five teams, and five challenge stations for the day. The challenge stations were designed by Harwood Andrews to reflect the five stages of a client’s engagement with the firm:

  1. Finding the firm and tapping into new markets;
  2. First touch-point for new clients;
  3. Managing the client experience;
  4. Enhancing the client experience with add-ons; and
  5. The ongoing client relationship.

Teams were tasked with addressing each of these stages, and the issues that arise throughout a client’s experience, to see how a change in process or a new technological tool might be able to assist and better the experience.

The winning team – ‘Savoury Dog People’ (chosen as their team name because they all liked savoury food… and dogs!) were praised for their re-design of the Harwood Andrews client web portal. Some of their new features included a status bar (like what you see when you order a pizza with Dominos) for tracking the progress of a matter, and a series of online animation videos that explain the various legal departments and address frequently asked questions.

Overall students had a wonderful time working in teams alongside legal professionals tackling the very real issues that they will one day be faced with as young lawyers in a profession that is being radically effected by the integration of technology.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Stephanie Beard, General Manager at Harwood Andrews, and to all of their staff for being so invested in this event and pushing to run it for a second year in a row. An increase in student participation this year shows that this is a significant area of interest for our cohort and the event will hopefully run again in 2019!

I’d also like to thank Sophie Tversky for coming down from Melbourne to be with us on Friday and Saturday. Her keynote address challenging participants to ‘think outside the circle’ and push the boundaries of what we ‘know’ inspired all of us to be as innovative and creative as possible. Thank you also to Justyna Sobczyk from the Deakin Law School and Meagan O’Connor from Sladen Legal for judging our teams!


Lastly, thank you to the Deakin Business and Law Faculty for wanting to be involved and support this event this year. Jean du Plessis was a wonderful proponent for this event, and with his help and the help of Faculty staff it was exciting to have the event on campus this year.

Want to know more about what’s to come from DLSS Geelong in the Careers sphere? You might want to *SAVE THE DATE* Friday August 31st! Big things are coming, just you wait and see! Keep and eye on our Facebook page for more details!


By Reid Hadaway


IDAHOBIT stands for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia, and is held every year on May 17. This date marks the day in 1990 when the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organisation officially approved the declassification of homosexuality as a diagnosable disease. When one considers the evolution of LGBTIQ rights since 1990, the rate of change in acceptance and the advancement of equal rights is astonishing. In 1990, two Australian states still listed consenting homosexual activity as a crime (remaining so in Tasmania until 1997) and no country in the world had made the move toward equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Now, in 2018, Australia, along with roughly 26 other countries (a number set to grow thanks to recent court rulings around the globe) has legalised same-sex marriage, and transgender rights continue to gain recognition. However, the advancement of rights is a slow process, and much is left to be done. Currently, 75% of Australian LGTBIQ youth experience discrimination, and over 60% experience verbal abuse, not to mention the astonishingly high rates of depression and suicide among LGBTIQ youth. In my view, IDAHOBIT is a touchstone upon which we may observe our changes year upon year. In this way IDAHOBIT is about growth.

With this idea of growth in mind, it is fair to say that for many LGBTIQ people, myself included, our lives are about gradual growth and acceptance. I first came out to my friend at Year 7 camp when I was 13 years old, from then on, my experiences as a member of the LGBTIQ community range from having my crush get told I liked him in front of a dozen judgemental Year 7s to coming out to an accepting and loving family. However, if I had to choose one common denominator in my life as I developed into a proud gay person, it would be the reliable and accepting group of friends I have surrounded myself with. Since I started university I have known nothing but acceptance and kindness, from my friends and now the Law Society Committee.

Although I acknowledge that I am privileged. Privileged to have been born at a time of exponential growth in the acceptance of LGBTIQ people and the decay of old world stigma. Privileged to have an accepting family and kind friends, when many people in my community are not afforded such kindness. As such, I wish to impart this message as a means of framing IDAHOBIT 2018. Be an ally. Support your friends and be to others what my friends are to me, a safety net of support. This year support IDAHOBIT and “stand with [your] LGBTI mates”, and help continue the growth that the last 28 years has borne witness to.

And to those reading this who have not been exposed the same acceptance I have and are trapped in the confines of stigma, know this. It gets better. And we’re all here to help. Join a support group or a society, the DLSSG is committed to standing with our LGBTI members and mates, continuing its promotion and support of a more accepting environment for LGBTIQ people. Contact any one of us for help accessing resources, or just for a coffee and a chat, so we can help build your safety net. Our goal is that every person may be proud of who they are, because I’m proud and you deserve to be too.

I wish everybody a happy IDAHOBIT and conclude with my heartfelt belief that it gets better and we have no where to go but up, so let’s do our part keep on growing.

Your Guide to an A+ Law Ball 2018!

So, you may or may not have heard that the DLSS Geelong Law Ball will be Friday August 10th (and if you haven’t, you have now)! The night will include a three course dinner, free beer/wine/spirits, photographers, a photo (and GIF) booth, as well as premium entertainment!


So, perhaps you’re new to Geelong and don’t know where to find the perfect dress or suit for the night, or are unsure of a hairdresser you can trust to get your hair done – Have no fear, we are here to help you out so you can get lit for Law Ball 2018!

Getting your glam on

The dress code for Law Ball is strictly black tie – that means suits or tuxs with ties or bow ties, and fancy dresses!

If you’re looking to buy something in person in the Geelong area, Westfield would be your starting place. There’s Forever NewHutch StoreMelrose Ave, MyerBardotCountry RoadSeed and more. For the lads, there’s BossiniConnorPeter Jackson, and Roger David to name a few. If you’re like, it can sometimes be reassuring to buy something fancy like this in person, rather than online, and there’s even an alterations place downstairs in Westfield if you need any adjustments made!

You could also shop almost any of these stores online too, but a few personal favourites that operate online only include MissguidedASOSBoohoo, and The Iconic. Don’t forget, lots of these retails offer student discounts through sites such as Unidays, so it’s always worth to search around before making your purchase! If you use Google Chrome as your browser of choice, there’s also an extension called ‘Honey‘ which will alert you to discount codes that the site might be offering at the time! Get on it!

Finishing touches

This one is mainly for the ladies – It can be hard to commit to paying to get your hair and make up done if you don’t have the first clue about who to trust, or where to start looking!

This year, we’re excited to have partnered with Blondie Hair + Cosmetica, and Hilary Holmes Make Up to offer our Law Ball attendees some special offers! Blondie are offering 20% off all of their services, and you can see the deals on offer at Hilary Holmes below.

Alternatively, Mecca offer various make up services and is best to book in advance! Some of the concession stands inside Myer like MAC and Benefit offer makeovers too, as does Blush Bar.

Hair can be hard, especially if you don’t know who to trust with your precious locks. I personally go to my wonderful pal at Tortoise & Hair in Belmont and they are FANTASTIC! The girls at Hidden Minx in Geelong West do some wonderful work, as do Salon Eve in Manifold Heights and Darren Grayson’s in Newtown! We can also personally recommend the fine gals at Rixons in Newtown for a killer up-do.

On the night

We want to make sure you have the funnest, and safest night possible at Law Ball 2018! For this reason, we will have the buddy system in place to make sure that no one is left wandering alone back to their car/ride at the end of the night. We will make it known on the night who our designated ‘buddies’ are from the committee, just come grab us (even if we’re breaking it down on the d-floor), and we will make sure you get to the car safe!

The DLSS Geelong also encourages the safe consumption of alcohol – we don’t want to be Debbie Downers but NO ONE (believe me) likes the feeling of waking up the next day and remembering that terrible selfie they shared drunkenly on Facebook, or that ex they texted out of desperation. Play it cool, have some fun, but don’t put yourself in danger of forgetting about the whole epic night you had because of too many moscatos!

So what now?

Well, tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW via the link on our Facebook event page. Last year we sold out, so if you’re on the fence about coming, you can check out our photos from the event last year here and here, where we had over 260 people in attendance!

Don’t live near Geelong but want to attend? This year we are excited to have launched our Support Packages for distance students! These packages are open for applications now, and are valued at $188. For more information, please visit https://dlssgeelong.wordpress.com/offcampus/


Coulter Roache

5992_Coulter Roache logo - blue background

Coulter Roache is a Geelong firm that is very involved in the local community. They have a team of nearly 70 people across 6 locations to ensure that needs of the region are met.

‘Coulter Roache has been serving Geelong’s commercial community for more than 80 years. Our purpose is to assist and empower the businesses of Geelong to prosper and carry the region into a new era of economic success. We are embedded in the fabric of the region and proudly support our community via pro bono services and sponsorships for community organisations and events.’

They specialise in the areas of :

  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Workplace Relations
  • Family Law
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Conveyancing
  • Wills, Estates & Succession Planning

And their key clients include major businesses in the region such as:

  • Surf Coast Shire
  • Geelong Cats
  • McColl’s
  • Hotham
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Barwon Health
  • The Gordan
  • Barwon Water
  • Quiksilver
  • TAC

Coulter Roache provides students with a number of ways to get involved with their firm including through the CR Create Program (A new program in 2018), CR Engage (Clerkship Program) and CR Launch (Graduate Program)

Coulter Roache is a signatory to the LIV’s Seasonal Clerkship Guidelines and their Seasonal Clerkship program application periods are open in line with these Guidelines.

  • Applications open: 9:00am on Monday 9 July 2018
  • Applications close: 11:59pm on Sunday 12 August 2018
  • Offers will be made from 10:00am on Thursday 18 October 2018.

Their graduates for each year are selected from the seasonal clerks who participate in the CR Engage Program.

For more information: https://www.coulterroache.com.au/

KPMG: The diverse graduate option with endless possibilities

What is KPMG?:

KPMG is a large global network of professional services firms currently operating in 154 countries, with 6,700 people in Australia alone. The firm provides services to organisations across a wide range of industries, government, and non-for-profit sectors; specializing in audit and assurance, tax and advisory.

Diverse Opportunities for Students and Graduates, and why you should know about it:

KPMG offers a competitive Graduate Program for innovative and industrious individuals who enjoy a challenge. They provide their graduates with opportunities for learning and development in a supportive environment to see you meet your potential. If you’re still not entirely sure which area you want to work in, the graduate program is incredibly diverse and gives you the option to grow and explore a variety of areas in the firm regardless of your degree.

Career choices at KPMG include Commercial Law, Audit and Assurance, Deal Advisory, Enterprise, Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, and Tax.

There is also a Vacation Program on offer which allows penultimate-year students to get a taste of what working at KPMG is like. This 8-week program is a great opportunity to gain experience in a highly-respected firm and kick-start your career. Click here for more information on how to apply:

How to apply:

The application process for the Graduate Program involves an online application, abilities assessment, and video interview; followed by an information session and panel interview in the final stage. Applications for the 2019 Graduate roles and 2018/19 Summer Vacation roles opened in February. Follow KPMG on Facebook to keep up to date with deadlines:



The College of Law


The Deakin Law Student Society Geelong is honoured to have the College of Law as one of our sponsors again in 2018. They are renowned as the school of professional practice or lawyers within Australia and New Zealand.

Currently studying law?

The College of Law website also has a job search, which are all relevant to building your legal career. They range from part-time, full-time, volunteering, grad positions, PLT placement and so on. It is a great place to start looking, even so you know what is available. https://jobs.collaw.com

Their website also provides an understanding to the career options for lawyers. This can be very helpful to read up on during your law degree to get an understanding of where you want your degree to take you, and potentially what electives you should be studying to get there. https://www.collaw.edu.au/your-career/career-options-for-lawyers

Finished your law degree?

The College of Law offers online Practical Legal Training in Victoria, whether it suits your needs to be full-time or part-time. The program is tailored for those who have finished their law degree, and are preparing for admission into legal practice. The College of Law website provides great advice on entry requirements, how to apply, and an overview of the program. https://www.collaw.edu.au/programs/plt/c-24/c-78?Program%20Type=Practical+Legal+Training

Race to the Future: Bringing technology alive for Law students

By Lauren Solomonson

On Friday 4 May, a world first legal innovation event occurred in Melbourne, ‘Race To The Future’! Teams completed five challenges around Melbourne CBD, focussing on areas of change in the legal industry, namely: client-centred AI, e-discovery, mental health & wellbeing, legal education & careers and access to justice.


Let the Race begin!

I was in Team Black, with fellow Deakin Law student Alex, and ACU’s Gianluca. Our mentors were Shaun and Zuong from Law Squared. Described as Australia’s “most innovative Law Firm” by Huffington Post, Law Squared is committed to practicing law in a more human way, and they work predominantly with Tech Start-Ups. Being partnered with such incredible mentors made the day inspired us to create innovative ideas, and push our creative boundaries.


Shane and Zuong working with our team to develop ideas

One of the concepts we brainstormed included an AI-system for clients in the Environmental Law industry that assesses client proposals online and generates a report that uses Machine Learning to determine the likelihood of the proposal being approved by the relevant Minister. We also proposed a legal education program that would involve a tech-fitted van travelling to remote and rural communities across Australia to inform people on the legal process, using VR to show them what a courtroom looks like, and visit schools to increase the younger generation’s trust in the system.


Brainstorming our new e-Discovery system

The project that Team Black ultimately presented at the concluding Fair was the ‘Montessori Legal Academy’ – A total revamp of the Bachelor of Laws program that integrates technology into the curriculum with a goal of exposing students to a high level of practical assignments. For example, we combined Corporate Law and Contract Law into one unit, that would be taught across a whole year, with learning tasks that would include reviewing corporation agreements, business structures, and drafting contracts for theoretical clients. The end goal of our new school would be to increase the overall employ-ability of graduates by making them more job-ready than your standard graduate.


Myself, Gianluca, and Alex – Team Black!

Whilst our team didn’t take away the top prize, it was a wonderful experience to spend the whole day surrounded by like-minded and motivated Law students who share my passion for integrating technology further into the legal profession. Thank you to Harwood Andrews for sponsoring my participation in the event.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Harwood Andrews Hackathon event in Trimester 2 – your opportunity to experience a similar immersive event in Geelong!

Harwood Andrews


Harwood Andrews are Victoria’s largest law firm and hold offices in Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat and Albury. With a team of over 170 individuals, and 13 LIV accredited specialists,  you can be sure that the firm hosts the opportunity to liase with a hugely diverse range of individuals.

Harwood Andrews specialists in a wide variety of practice areas including, but not limited to;

  • Business contracts and advice
  • Commercial property
  • Family business
  • Employment industrial relations and OH&S
  • Local Government
  • Not-for-profits
  • Planning and environment
  • Estates and succession planning
  • Family law
  • Sport
  • Taxation and Superannuation
  • Technology

Opportunities for Students

Harwood Andrews offers a seasonal clerkship program which allows students to gain valuable insight into the firm for a three week period utilising  a ‘buddy system’. Your buddy will be a trainee or junior lawyer whom is responsible for giving you support and guidance to ensure you have a rewarding and positive learning experience at the firm. This allows you to have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that employers look for in graduates, whilst gaining first-hand experience working in a successful commercial firm!

Opportunities for Graduates

Harwood Andrews offer a 12 month long graduate program which allows graduates to rotate through two of the firm’s practice areas.  Harwood Andrews looks for students whom have a keen interest in their practice areas and can demonstrate an understanding of the commerciality of business. Graduates will receive in-house training and mentoring whilst completing the College of Law Program as they work towards their admission to practice.

Check back during trimester two for relevant dates related to these opportunities at Harwood Andrews!

To learn more about Harwood Andrews, visit their website at  www.harwoodandrews.com.au.

2018 Commercial Careers Fair (Burwood)

The 2018 Commercial Careers Fair was a great opportunity to learn about clerkship and graduate programs at many of Melbourne’s best commercial law firms. If you missed out on attending this event, you also missed a valuable networking opportunity.


But all is not lost! I have included a number of useful tips about applications below. From my personal experience, I can also say that attending networking events based at the university are particularly great to attend. Many of the firms in attendance were represented by former Deakin students who were excited to return to the university and to share their knowledge with students. This creates a very friendly and supportive environment comparatively to some other careers-focused events held outside of the university.

  • Don’t stress about the huge numbers of students competing for clerkships. It is easy to become overwhelmed in by dismal statistics and the negative thoughts of others. Just focus on your journey and about what makes you special.
  • Great first step is by writing a fantastic cover letter. Make sure you research the firm you are applying for. Generic letters do not stand out.
  • Make sure you address your cover letter to the correct person and spell their name correctly. When analyzing a high volume of applicants, letters that lack attention to detail will quickly be discarded.
  • Preparing a good application takes a long time! Ensure you are prepared by giving yourself plenty of time.
  • The application process is not simply about the cover letter and resume, that is just the beginning. Different firms will have different application processes. You should research what the firm requires from applicants so that you do not encounter any nasty surprises. Some firms may place you in a group problem solving exercise, or ask you to read a case and summarise it in 30 minutes.
  • Be prepared to have a conversation in an interview. Firms will be seeking applicants who are in line with their values. You may be asked to discuss a current legal issue, but more likely than not, the firm will want to know more about you as a person, your experiences, and your ability to communicate.
  • How can you tell which firm is right for you? One way is to come along to careers events just like the Commercial Career’s Fair and have a face-to-face interaction with the firm. You may find that you gravitate to certain firms, after which you may place extra effort into their applications.
  • How many clerkship applications should you expect to apply for? This was an interesting question as each of the panelists had very different answers. One of the panelists submitted just 5 applications and received several offers in return. Another panelist submitted approximately 20, but only received one offer. Put yourself out there. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst case scenario.
  • Graduate rotations? If you are lucky enough to get a graduate position, it is more likely than not that you will be required to do some experience in one area of the firm, and be asked for preferences about other areas. Don’t be put off by areas that you think will not suit you. Several representatives described how surprised they were to find themselves in a certain area that they disliked or never studied at university!

Thank you to the Deakin Law Student Society for running this fantastic event. I cannot understate the huge amount of volunteer work that is involved in running these events. However, all the work is well worth it as these are excellent opportunities for students.


If you missed this event or are interested in attending more careers focused events, you may wish to attend the following events. Please see the links provided for full details.

The Annual Careers Dinner (Geelong event) – 11 May


Meet the Professionals (Burwood event) – 23 May



By Elle Crawshaw (DLSS Geelong’s Off Campus Representative)