VIS MOOT: The 411

By Reid Hadaway

There are myriad reasons you should do the Vis Moot, and I could make this blog post run for pages regaling you with anecdotes in support of my reasons. However, I will constrain myself to three points which I believe set the Vis Moot apart from any other experience your degree can offer you.

The first is that although we must learn the law to obtain a law degree, we do not learn to be lawyers. The Vis Moot represents the chance to learn to be a lawyer. From day one you will begin to develop a case strategy and learn to advocate for that strategy. It will become clear that no strategy can live forever and you will be asked to adapt – sometimes mid-sentence – when an epiphany strikes you and the arguments change. This process of development and adaptation will forever alter the way you approach arguments, challenges and legal problem solving. The experiential nature of the moot will transform your theoretical understanding into a nuanced application, which sets you on the path to being a great lawyer, not just a great law student.

The second is the team. Never before will you have worked so closely with a group of individuals. Your success hinges upon the quality of your teamwork and collaboration. My team is the closest unit one can imagine, I would dare say we are family. This meant we never stopped communicating, running ideas past each other or supporting one another. As a result, I went from dreading the prospect of teamwork or collaboration in class to loving every moment I spend and spent with my amazing teammates. The ability to work in such an environment will be invaluable during and after your time as a Vis mootie.

The third and final reason is because your raw experience as a mootie will outmatch any other opportunity I could conceivably offer you. You will meet a menagerie of eclectic figures. From past Vis mooties to esteemed arbitrators and judges, not to mention the thousands of other students taking part once you’re overseas. On the other side of the moot you will have developed a network overseas and at home which will be invaluable. You will have had experiences with your friends and coaches that you will reflect fondly upon forever. The experience will crystallise as a time of unique importance in your life and career.

Clearly I love the moot and I want you to love it too. I will leave you with two pieces of advice. First, never write yourself off, apply and have a go because you have absolutely nothing to lose. And second, if you are on the team, trust your coaches from day one. Dive in and relish every moment because they will be impossible to replicate.



Applications close on 27 August at 5pm. All applications to Rebecca Tisdale at her email

Applications to include a resume, statement of results/screenshot of results and a cover letter addressing your availability over summer!


What are you waiting for?


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