Guide to Deakin’s Legal Placement Programs

By Karleen Tadle

Law students all go through the same phase: I haven’t had any legal experince and I need to. Now. It can be stressful finding opportunities that fit law students, so Deakin has made it exceptionally easier!

You don’t have to look too far because Deakin offers three WIL programs that will provide you with the practical legal experience needed to be a competitive grad!



Legal Internship Program

The Legal Internship program offers placements at a diverse range of external organisations. The organisations range from commercial, criminal, public law and government organisations. Tasks could include liaising with lawyers, researching, interviewing clients, negotiating and drafting documents.  The internship runs for a minimum of 15 days with assessments from both your host organisation and Deakin University.

Check out this link for more information!


Deakin Law Clinic

Located at Deakin Downtown in Melbourne CBD, the Deakin Law Clinic offers legal placement in the areas of Family, Employment, Criminal, Venture and Civil and Commercial law. During this internship you will be working with real clients and real issues under the supervision of a qualified legal practitioner! You may be required to interview clients, draft documents, conduct legal research and complete other general administrative tasks for clients.

Check out this link for more information!

*Note: To participate in these programs you must have completed or be co-enrolled in MLL251 Legal Practice and Ethics and completed at least 6 MLL units. Each individual clinic may have other pre-requisites.


VIS Moot 

The Vis Moot is an international moot court competition held annually in Vienna, Austria before Easter. It is the largest moot in the world for international trade law and is considered to be highly prestigious. A select few Deakin students each year are selected to represent Deakin Law School, where you will not only earn a credit point in MLL355 International Litigation and Dispute Settlement, but you’ll also be involved in one of the most highly regarded competitions in the profession, which is great for your career!

Check out this link for more information!



If you aren’t sure if you should do a legal placement, here are the benefits of doing an internship…


  1. Hands-on practical experience– you will get to experience the work that lawyers will do a regular basis and have exposure to the workplace.
  2. Develop critical legal skills and knowledge – you will get to work on you verbal and written and communication, problem-solving and critical analysis, research and interview skills. You will be challenged but will gain a different perspective on your legal studies.
  3. Networking– build connections with lawyers, which may be useful when needing advice, information or a reference.
  4. Direction– you will get to determine if your current area of interest is the area you would like to practice in the future.
  5. Competitive edge– it shows you have a keen to work in the industry and demonstrates to future employers that you have the skills and experience to do well.


Applications for T3 are NOW OPEN and close September 3 2019! Places are competitive so make sure you head over to WIL and apply as soon as possible! You got this 👊


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