A Year in the Life of a First Year

Blog post by James Royce

Edited by Lauren Solomonson


You’re only a First Year once: flaunt that licence to make new friends, attend events and make the most of the university lifestyle.

When I arrived at the Waterfront campus open day in 2017 I thought I had this uni thing pretty much sorted. I had my books, timetable, found my classrooms and even knew my way around DeakinSync.

All set up right?


The thing that set me up for my perfect year was signing up to the mentor program and student societies.

For me it was that old cliché ‘one thing just led to another.’

My mentor just so happened to be involved in the DLSS and encouraged me to go along to their intro night, the Unlawful Business Launch (sus out this year’s event here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1794718847247526/)!

FB Event Cover Images.png

Image supplied by DLSS Geelong

At that event I met a heap of fellow First Years, we had a great night and when Contract Law started back on Monday the lecture hall that was mainly filled with individuals or pairs suddenly had one big cluster of students sitting together, smiling and loving life as a cohort.


DLSS Geelong are also hosting a Welcome Event for First Years on March 16th, right before Unlawful Business Launch – From 5 to 7pm on campus there’ll be a Q and A panel with representatives from Deakin Law School, the various student-run programs, Deakin Talent, as well as Geelong Chamber of Commerce, the Law Institute of Victoria’s Young Lawyers and many more!

Facebook O Week event cover.png

The Law School are also hosting an afternoon tea on March 8th, right after your first Legal Principles and Skills lecturer! There’ll be free cake, the opportunity to talk to your committee members, Deakin staff, as well as help with signing up for your DLSS Geelong membership.


So what else can you do as a Law Student in 2018?

Law Ball –  To me, dressing up + friends + a feed × unlimited drinks = An awesome night!

That’s exactly what Law Ball is. This is the biggest event held by the DLSSG and is where you get a group of friends together, get dressed to the nines and have free reign of the bar as you gracefully prepare for a night on the town.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to introduce yourself to those people you’ve seen in your seminars, lectures or just around campus but haven’t had the opportunity to meet properly. Speaking from personal experience, the size of our group conversation with fellow first year students doubled by the end of the night. This is an absolute must! Take a look at the photos from our 2017 Ball so you can see for yourself what a lit night it is: https://www.facebook.com/1484514488452954/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1953863211518077

First Year Rep Positions – I was lucky enough to become one of four First Year Reps on the DLSS in 2017. Through the society I met a heap of students further into their degree. These amazing people are a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice who are invaluable to have within your network.

Additionally, spots on the society, especially the executive, are highly contested in the higher years as they are valued so greatly by employers. Being a First Year Rep gives you that foot in the door to start building your resume and progress through the ranks of the society.

The application process is super easy and well worth your time. Keep an eye out for application dates on our Facebook page (Hint – they’ll be opening SOON!!!!): https://www.facebook.com/Deakin.Law.Students.Society/

giphy (1).gif

Ultimately, my advice is don’t be this kid:

giphy (2).gif

Get involved in anything and everything that catches your interest. All the best with your first year of studies, I look forward to seeing you around the campus or at our events.

To sign up to the mentor program visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BXWLHJ9

To sign up to be a DLSS Geelong member visit https://www.dusa.org.au/Clubs-Sport/Clubs/Deakin-Law-Students-Society

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