2018 President’s Message

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Deakin Law Students’ Society Geelong for 2018!

It makes me proud to say that we have an exceedingly dedicated, talented and creative team of passionate law students on our committee who are ready to put on innovative events for you throughout the year. These students were handpicked for their intuition and drive with regards to giving back to the Deakin Law community, and I believe we will have one of our best years yet in 2018!

At DLSS Geelong, we strive to provide all students with networking opportunities, social outings, legal competitions whilst also advocating for student interests. We are here to help foster a positive and safe learning environment throughout your time at Deakin – whether you are Geelong based, off-campus, Warrnambool or Melbourne. All those enrolled in the Law course at Deakin deserve to feel supported, encouraged, and have their passion for the legal profession nurtured.

In 2018, we are improving our focus on student health, wellbeing and safety. On top of the wonderful work the Society does each year running our Careers Dinners, Competitions in conjunction with Burwood, and Law Ball, we want to offer students a support network where they feel welcome to talk about mental health, the pressures of studying law, and can access resources to better prepare themselves mentally and physically for what lies ahead. In 2017, we ran an array of new wellbeing-focused events, such as an F45 workout session, hot yoga, as well as a mental health seminar with VWL and HeadSpace. We hope to develop new ways to engage students outside of the classroom in 2018, such as through our Run Club.

The legal profession and its landscape are ever changing. Students need to be well-equipped to enter a workforce that is being disrupted by digital technologies, and that has an alarming rate of stress and depression associated with undertaking rigorous workloads. There is also an increase in the number of non-traditional pathways being pursued by Graduates upon finishing their degrees, meaning students need to be informed of the multitude of career options open to those who have a Law degree.

Whether you study full time, part time, online, or just attend our social events with friends, we hope that throughout 2018 you feel comfortable contacting us with any question you may have, any ideas for the future, or any feedback. We are readily contactable via our Facebook page or you can email me using president@dlssgeelong.com.au.

We hope you enjoy the vast array of opportunities on offer to you in 2018, and good luck with your studying!


Lauren Solomonson

2018 DLSS Geelong President

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