Careers Portfolio: A Year in Review

Blog post by Emily Davis and Lauren Solomonson

Portfolio information provided by Michael Biggs and Tayla Cooper


Following on from our review of the marvelous work done by some of our portfolios of the DLSS Geelong, we now bring you a summary of the Careers Portfolio! Why does this matter? Because we want you to be informed when you come along to our Annual General Meeting on September 27, and/or when you apply for a position on the committee for 2018 🙂 No pressure, just… you should join!!!!


Portfolio Members:

Michael Biggs – VP

Tayla Cooper – Officer

Mahima Bhandari – Officer

Luke Pinjuh – Officer


What is the role of the Careers Portfolio?

The role of the careers portfolio is to liaise with professional organisations in the legal field in order to create events where students are able to network with legal professionals. We hope to give students an insight into the legal profession, as well as pathways to reach various roles in the legal world.

Why should other people apply for this Portfolio?

The careers portfolio offers students a chance to assist in the organising and running of networking events, help fellow students gain networking experience, and to understand more about the legal world. They will have the opportunity to think of new ways to benefit students in getting the most out of their studies and gain knowledge about the legal field in preparation for graduation, while also learning themselves. Another incentive to be a part of the Careers portfolio is to gain experience in contacting and liaising with firms, as this will prove to be an invaluable skill for any student as they commence their legal career. The portfolio has a wide breadth and offers the future Vice President and Officers great scope to bring their own vision and ambition to the role.

What has the Functions Portfolio achieved in 2017?

This year the careers team focused on helping students in their Clerkship process. This began by holding the Annual Careers Dinner which was a great success and was the largest that we have ever hosted. The event was complimented by an amazing array of speakers including Deakin Geelong alumni former DLSS President, Diana Taylor, and the current LIV Young Lawyers President, Phoebe Blank.

We also introduced a number of new events including our Clerkship Workshop, with presenters from DeakinTALENT, Coulter Roache and the TAC which saw an impressive turnout with over sixty people attending. The Clerkship Workshop was complimented by the return of our Careers Guide which was larger and included material from more firms and legal organisations than ever before.

We also introduced our inaugural Harwood Andrews Women in Law Luncheon which included a host of prominent speakers including Coulter Roache’s first ever female principle Anne O’Loughlin and Georgina Downer of the Institute of Public Affairs. To close out the year we still have our upcoming PLT Information Session with speakers from both Leo Cussen Centre for Law and College of Law. We have also worked with the Victorian Women Lawyers to organise and host their upcoming Mental Health in Law event which will no doubt be a success as well.

Finally, alongside the Vice President of Equity and Opportunities we worked to increase the sponsorship for the society for coming years from a wide array of firms and legal organisations.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Hopefully this has given you some insight into the work that the Functions Portfolio has done on the behalf of Deakin Geelong Law students! Come along to the AGM to find out more about positions available and meet our current team!


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