Education, Social Justice, and Wellbeing Portfolio: A Year in Review

Blog post by Lauren Oloughlin

Portfolio information provided by Will Hardiman

2017 has been a very busy year for DLSS Geelong with all of the portfolios putting in a massive effort! The Education, Social Justice and Wellbeing Portfolio has also had a very successful 2017, pioneering some new events and engaging and helping law students in many different ways throughout the year.

Portfolio Members:

William Hardiman – VP

Isaac Crawley – Officer

Hugo Le Clerc – Officer

What is the role of this portfolio?

The Education, Social Justice and Wellbeing Portfolio, is devoted to further engaging students with their studies, and integrating students into the wider community outside of the four walls of the classroom.

There are no real parameters that are to be observed, enabling members of the Education, Social Justice and Wellbeing Portfolio to forge a path, and create their own focal point in any given year.

In 2017, the team aimed to achieve its goals and objectives, through promoting a range of activities which look to minimise the worry, and struggles that are commonly faced by students undertaking the study of Law. In saying this, while it was important to ensure that each and every member of the student cohort was getting the most out of the experience at Deakin University, we wanted to empower students to encourage, and support not only their peers, but those throughout the Greater Geelong Community.


Why should other people apply for this portfolio?

If you, like me, are interested in making a mark on both the student cohort and wider community, the Education, Social Justice, and Wellbeing Portfolio is the perfect way to make a difference with the Deakin Law Students’ Society!

The opportunity to engage, and interact with other students starting out in their study of law, and to see their growth, and development as they progress in their law journey, is why my time on the society has been such a memorable chapter of my university experience.

The relationships, and the bonds, that we as a team have forged in our work within the cohort, and the wider community, is validation as to why the Education, Social Justice, and Wellbeing Portfolio is advocated for prospective committee members of the society, looking to not only serve, and empower others, but better themselves in the process.

What has the Education, Social Justice, and Wellbeing Portfolio achieved in 2017?

In what has been an exciting year for the Education, Social Justice, and Wellbeing, the Deakin Law Student’s Society have continued to think of new and exciting ways to meet the demands, and expectations of its members.

Kicking things off, a team of students headed down to the pristine Western Beach, to take part in ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, in conjunction with the ‘Rotary Club’.


This was followed up soon after, with a first year ‘Q and A panel’, chaired by officer Isaac Crawley. This aimed to address any burning questions that the ‘freshers’ had with respect to their studies, in assisting their transition into university life. This provided students with a fantastic opportunity to meet other students ranging from first to final year, and the ‘tips and hints’ which have helped them to survive law school!

Officer Isaac Crawley, in conjunction with Marketing’s Lauren Solomonson, then combined in delivering students the opportunity to participate in both ‘F 45’, and ‘Yoga’ classes, in line with our focus on ‘student wellbeing’. This was a major hit amongst students, and their family and friends, and certainly left a few of us feeling sore and sorry for ourselves after a couple of solid workouts!

However, the Education, Social Justice, and Wellbeing portfolios marquee function for the year, came in a two part ‘Legal Research Workshop’, which aimed to help equip students with some of the practical research skills that will assist them in the industry. We were privileged to have on board Law Librarian’s, Michelle Bendall, and Helen Wood to further assist in developing the skills that students had acquired throughout their degrees.

Finally, we endeavour to finish the year off with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. So stay tuned for further announcements on upcoming activities later in the semester!


Sound like something you’d be interested in? Hopefully this has given you some insight into the work that the Education, Social Justice, and Wellbeing Portfolio has done on the behalf of Deakin Geelong Law students! Come along to the AGM to find out more about positions available and meet our current team!

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