Off Campus Portfolio: A Year in Review

Blog post by Lauren Solomonson

Portfolio information provided by Elle Crawshaw


You’ve heard about Marketing and Functions… Now it’s time to hear about all of the fantastic work the Queen of Off Campus, Elle, has done in 2017 for DLSS Geelong! Why does this matter? Because we want you to be informed when you come along to our Annual General Meeting on September 27, and/or when you apply for a position on the committee for 2018 🙂 No pressure, just… you should join!!!!


**Can’t confirm this is actually what Emma Stone thinks about DLSS Geelong (but she would, if she knew we existed….)

Portfolio member: Elle Crawshaw










What is the role of the Off Campus Portfolio?

Most Off-Campus students are restricted from participation in university life due to distance, work or caring commitments. The Off-Campus Affairs portfolio is capable of assisting Off-Campus students to overcome their disadvantage by connecting students with university experiences and with each other.

The primary role of the portfolio is to facilitate communication between Off-Campus students, their peers and the DLSS Geelong. There are three major duties in this portfolio, all of which fall under the communication umbrella.

  • Providing adequate notification of DLSS Geelong and Deakin Law School events giving Off-Campus students the option to participate.
  • Making information provided at DLSS Geelong educational events available in a format accessible for Off-Campus student.
  • Cultivating an inclusive Off-Campus community in order to break down isolation barriers, create learning and networking opportunities between students.

Why should other people apply for this Portfolio?

This portfolio provides a fantastic opportunity for Off-Campus students wanting to engage with others and make a real change for highly disadvantaged students.

I (Elle) applied for this portfolio because I want to make the most of my university experiences and was tired of feeling left out and isolated as an Off-Campus student. I wanted to create a more involved Off-Campus community and assist students in participating in university events.

What has the Off Campus Portfolio achieved in 2017?

The largest achievement of the Off-Campus portfolio is the ongoing moderation of the Deakin Law Off-Campus Student Facebook Group. This group is currently made up of 934 on and Off-Campus students. Duties include promotion of DLSS Geelong events, conversing with students, answering queries or forwarding students to the relevant DLSS Geelong portfolio, screening member applications, settling disputes and complaints that arise within the group.

I also organised the DLSS Geelong’s involvement in the LIV Walk for Justice (Geelong), to assist in raising money for Pro-bono Day during Law Week 2017.


We held the Off-Campus Student T-shirt competition (questionable success!). It would be great to run again during T1, both to promote DLSS as an organisation and to transform some of the T1 pep into Off-Campus community spirit!

This year the portfolio hosted a number of Off-Campus meet-ups in Ballarat for local and surrounding students. Usually 3-5 people in attendance and rotate between weekday and weekend dates to be inclusive of group needs.

I organised to meet a number of students at the LIV Careers Festival in Melbourne and enjoy Krispy Kreme donuts together after the event. Occasionally organise to meet Off-Campus students at DLSS Geelong and DLS events.

The greatest achievement this year must surely be creating awareness of the DLSS Geelong in the Off-Campus community. Throughout the year there has been positive feedback from many students who are happy to receive the attention of the DLSS Geelong. It is my hope that DLSS Geelong will have more to offer Off-Campus students over the coming years.


Sound like something you’d be interested in? Hopefully this has given you some insight into the work that the Off Campus Portfolio has done on the behalf of Deakin Geelong Law students! Come along to the AGM to find out more about positions available and meet our current team!

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