Functions Portfolio: A Year in Review

Blog post by Lauren Solomonson

Portfolio information provided by Madeline McDonald


Following on from our review of the marvelous work done by the Marketing Portfolio of the DLSS Geelong, we now bring you a summary of the kick-a** events that the Functions Portfolio put on for students in 2017! Why does this matter? Because we want you to be informed when you come along to our Annual General Meeting on September 27, and/or when you apply for a position on the committee for 2018 🙂 No pressure, just… you should join!!!!







Portfolio Members:

Madeline McDonald – VP

Reid Hadaway – Officer

Taylah Eastwell – Officer

Ben McCarthy – Officer

What is the role of the Functions Portfolio?

To provide fun and safe networking events for the common stressed out law student. We also aim to distract students from the strained lifestyle that studying law creates with good vibes, alcohol and groovy venues.

Why should other people apply for this Portfolio?

Working in the Functions Portfolio FORCES you to go out and have a good time, as it is a requirement of committee members to attend a certain number of DLSS Geelong events! You don’t need to have a background in events, but if you feel like an organised person who loves to get down and boogy, then this could be the portfolio for YOU!

What has the Functions Portfolio achieved in 2017?

This year we have had sell out events time and time again, such as Unlawful Launch, Trivia Night, Piano Bar, and the fast approaching Law Ball! We also implemented new safety initiatives to actively aid students as well as creating closer ties with DUSA and getting support from Deakin faculty with sponsorship for the initiatives.

We brought in the Buddy System, aiding event patrons in getting to and from trains stations, cars, bus stations and their Ubers. Our goal is to have no one leaving any DLSS Geelong event on their own! Safety in numbers!

We also decided to run a competition for Law Ball, whereby if attendees showed us proof that they completed Deakin’s Consent Matters modules on Cloud Deakin, they would go into the draw to win back the cost of their ticket! How cool is THAT?! VERY COOL!

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Hopefully this has given you some insight into the work that the Functions Portfolio has done on the behalf of Deakin Geelong Law students! Come along to the AGM to find out more about positions available and meet our current team!

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