Marketing Portfolio: A Year in Review

By Lauren Solomonson

With the DLSS Geelong Annual General Meeting coming up soon, we are going to be reviewing the work of each portfolio and what they’ve accomplished in 2017! This way, when you attend the AGM, you’ll have a great idea of the work we have done and it might even inspire you to apply to be on the committee in 2018 😉


So first up, we have the Marketing Portfolio!

Portfolio members:

Alissa Ierardi – VP

Lauren Solomonson – Officer

Lauren Oloughlin – Officer



What is the role of the Marketing Portfolio?

The role of Marketing is to create graphics and social media copy to be posted across our social media platforms, and also upkeep of the DLSS Geelong website. We work with other portfolios to design adverts for their upcoming events and collaborate on blog posts, and annual advice guides. We also make sure that at special events we are live posting to our accounts, so people can follow what’s happening if they were unable to come, as we want everyone to feel a part of the DLSS Geelong experience 🙂

Why should other people apply for this Portfolio?

It’s a great portfolio because it works with all the others and you get to work on many different tasks. Marketing have a high level of engagement within the committee as we need to be easily accessible when things arise, like a Facebook post needing to go live or an event page being made.

If you think you’re savy with social media, and have a desire to be more involved during your time at uni, this would be a great portfolio to apply for! Want to get a bit of an idea of what we did this year, and the content we made? Check out the summary below 🙂


What your portfolio achieved this year:

The DLSS Geelong Facebook page has 1309 likes as of mid-August, and 373 followers on our Instagram account. We have successfully used these platforms to promote events such as Law Ball, Women in Law Luncheon, Piano Bar, Trivia Night, Unlawful Launch, Harwood Andrews Hackathon and our Health + Wellbeing events. Piano Bar, an inaugural event, was a sell-out, and Law Ball ticket sales have been a success!


We also introduced the DLSS Geelong’s first smartphone app, which has our pocket guide and careers guide accessible on it, as well as contact details, social media feeds and event calendar. We also brought out an app specifically for Law Ball, containing seating charts, ticket sales notifications and directions to the location. We’ve also implemented Snapchat filters for events, particularly for our Trivia Night and Law Ball, and have begun using specialised Hashtags for event nights (don’t forget to use #lawballatthemoulinrouge at Law Ball)!


We also produced two different merchandise designs this year, a t-shirt we launched in Tri 1 and a hoodie in Tri 2!



Sound like something you’d be interested in? Hopefully this has given you some insight into the work that the Marketing Portfolio has done on the behalf of Deakin Geelong Law students! Come along to the AGM to find out more about positions available and meet our current team!

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