What the DLSS Geelong is doing to battle harassment & work towards safer events

By Alissa Ierardi

Let’s face it, every student loves to party and have a good time. But there is one thing that should always happen whether we are at the library late at night studying, walking down the street, catching the train home or attending events like our Piano Bar or Law Ball. We should want to feel safe and we should not feel harassed.

In light of the recent Australian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) first national survey which reported on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities (If you’d like to give it a read, CLICK HERE), We thought it was appropriate that as a society we spoke up about some of the initiatives we have put in place to ensure that our events ARE ALWAYS SAFE for everyone that attends.

We realised at our first function for 2017, the Annual Unlawful Launch, that many people are inclined to not organise ways home, or leave alone. To ensure our patrons have the opportunity for a safer journey, we decided to implement systems to promote safer ways home.

So we implemented the Buddy system. Designated people from our society wear name tags and put their hands up to walk in pairs to people’s cars, to train stations, or to a place where we’re pretty sure you are safe.

We put this in place from our Trivia Night, Piano Bar and we intend to operate at our Law Ball too. The initiative, thought of by the lovely Madeline McDonald (2017 Vice President of Functions) has been a great success and is making headways within the DUSA team at Geelong.

To move forward and ensure that our events always run hassle free, Deakin has comprised an online training module called Consent Matters (You can read about it here). This module is designed to educate students about engaging in a respectful Deakin culture. The online module ‘covers sexual consent, communication and relationships and bystander intervention’. You can complete this module through your Cloud Deakin Portal.

But here is the wonderful thing. If you complete this module, and you have bought a ticket for our Law Ball. YOU COULD BE ONE OF THE LUCKY FEW TO HAVE YOUR TICKET REIMBURSED.

Screenshot your completion of this module and send the screenshot to functions@dlssgeelong.com.au for your chance to win your free ticket!

Our events always have DUSA approval. This process sees our events thoroughly perused by the DUSA team to ensure our events are set at certain guidelines, that security is present and our events are marketed correctly.

You may see some of us around uni, or at our events or you may have no idea who we are. HOWEVER, we are a group of students who are ready to listen, we even have an off-campus representative (She does a pretty amazing job by the way).

Remember, that Deakin has a huuuuuge number of support services, Safe Zone App and security around EVERY campus. You can check it out some more information here. If you’re unsure on who to contact, you can always message the DLSS GEELONG and we can help point you in the right direction.



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