How to deal with a disappointing exam mark

Put everything into perspective

So you failed a unit, big deal. Yes when you get your mark and see that ‘F’ glaring up at you, emotions can run high causing grief and tears. But… what’s the worst that can happen? Really? You simply just have to repeat it again. The number of Law students that have to repeat a unit is astronomical and so it’s just not a problem to have to do it! Yeah it may suck especially if it’s a unit that you don’t particularly love but hey, at least this time you’ve got a leg up on the competition by knowing a bit about it!

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Apply for a remark

As a student under the business and law faculty, you are able to apply for an administrative review to check that all assignment and exam marks have been added up correctly to obtain your final mark.

You can also apply for an Academic review where it is shown that your work was not marked in accordance with the marking criteria or that there was a misapplication of University policies or procedures. Be warned however, there is a chance you could end up with a worse mark!

Did you fail your final unit? If this is the case, you can check if you’re eligible for a pass conceded.
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Use it as a reflection

Where did you go wrong? What did you struggle with?

Email your lecturer or the person who marked your paper and ask where you went wrong, some lecturers are more than happy to tell you. Use that knowledge to build your skills and know exactly what you have to improve on for the next exam. You’ll end up with a much better mark! I promise.
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There’s no shame in failing an exam, use that F as motivation to turn it into a HD next trimester! You’ve got background knowledge in the subject now, know the marking criteria so there’s nothing stopping you! Go out and smash that subject next time! A truly lovely person once said, ‘A year from now, everything that you’re stressing about won’t even matter’, take this piece of advice and cherish it, it will turn out to be true, you’ll see.

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