Law Ball Table Listings and Map


Hey everyone! We know that you’re super keen to confirm where you are seated for this year’s Law Ball: New York State of Mind. Please find below a PDF file of the table listings as well as the overall floor plan. The Functions Team has done its absolute best to accommodate as many requests as possible, and we thank everyone who has been in touch with us to confirm dietary requirements and attendee names. If you did not email us with a request (and we tried very hard to contact those who didn’t make a request via email, phone and Facebook!) you will have been auto-allocated to a table.

A few reminders…
  • If your name is not on this list and you have a ticket you need to contact us immediately! (Please just use “control f” to search for your name)
  • Via our table reservations, we have received some names that do not actually appear on our door list! Please remember that entry to the event is pursuant to you holding a ticket, not your name on a table. Every patron must hold a valid, printed ticket in order to gain entry to The Pier. We will be scanning tickets electronically so it’ll be impossible for anyone to try and sneak through with a double! Please continue to email us with changes if you on sell tickets as this helps us avoid such errors.
  • If you requested for your friends table to be next to yours then this should have been accommodated. If the numbers of your tables don’t fall next to each other this does not mean the tables aren’t next to each other (see the floor plan to check where your table is).
  • As previously communicated, there can be no changes of Law Ball tables because the Pier has been notified of dietary arrangements. Even if you don’t have a dietary requirement, please don’t muddle yourselves around because it can impede another attendee from getting their meal!
  • Your ticket should have been emailed to you from Moshtix (please check your spam and junk folders), or you can print your ticket by logging back into your Moshtix account and accessing the downloadable PDF from there.
  • Remember that ultimately the tables aren’t a big deal – you only need to be seated for the service of dinner and dessert and for the commencement of the evening. After all, there’s a dance floor, a DJ and – most importantly – a bar to enjoy!
  • Finally, please remember to arrive at 7pm sharp!

Information can be downloaded below:

Click here for: Law Ball Floor Plan 2015
Click here for: Law Ball Table Listings 2015

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