About the Deakin Law Course

When enrolling in units and planning your degree it’s very important to keep your course requirements in mind.These are the mandatory units you need to do to get your degree. It’s very easy to make a mistake when planning your course, especially if you go on a study tour, exchange, or change majors.

To help students meet the requirements, Deakin publishes some model degree structures. These list what a ‘normal’ student, studying either 4 or 8 units a year (over trimesters 1 and 2 only) would study in each year. You can complete units in a different order to what is listed in the model structure, but it can cause some headaches later on (e.g. if you go on exchange and miss a second year unit, it may restrict the subjects you can do on your return in third year). These model degree structures help students by stating the per-requisites for each subject and providing a visual representation of a degree.

The model structures for full time, part time and double degree students are published the Deakin website. Click Here for the webpage. The model degree structures also specify how many electives a student is allowed to take. By doing this the model degree structures provide an overview of what the course rules require. The law electives currently offered by Deakin are also published online. Click here for the webpage. 

Also, don’t forget about the practical experience requirement! Information on this is available here.


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